December 2022 Beer Club Review

Beer Club Members can pick-up starting the first Friday of the month.

Common Space – Perpetual Love

A 7% kickass IPA brewed and canned in Hawthorne California with Strata hops. “IPA is Life. Life is Love. Love flows perpetually forth from the universe. Drink the love. IPA warms your heart. Time is a flat circle. Perpetual Love is a kickass IPA.”

Common Space Beer of the month

The Alchemist – Focal Banger

This 7% New England style IPA was brewed by the Alchemist in Vermont using Citra and Mosaic hops and some of the brewery’s very favorite British malts, for an abundance of hoppy goodness. “DRINK FROM THE CAN!”

Equilibrium Brewery – DATA POINTS

This 8.5% Juicy Double IPA pours a hazy electric yellow, brewed with newly hand selected Mosaic hops in both the whirlpool and the dry hop.  Get ready for citrus and berry aromas, flavors of orange, mango, herbal blueberry, earthy lime peel, and the Devil’s Lettuce, all built up into a creamy, complex, juicy finish.

Hop and Vine Beer of the month

Berryessa Brewing Co – Free Kittens

A 5% refreshing and clean lager brewed with 25% puffed jasmine rice and Vangaurd hops. With slight floral aromas, a dry finish, and a pleasant flavor, it’ll go down easy and be gone before you know it.